CEORA is the Future of Commercial Turf Care

An autonomous mowing solution from Husqvarna is set to change the world of commercial turf care. With its huge area capacity, CEORA robotic mower is great news for all green space professionals. Systematic cutting and virtual boundaries deliver superb results and easier turf management on larger surfaces than ever. What’s more, this low noise, emission-free solution offers thrilling future potential. It’s time to expand your horizons and embrace the future.

Cutting systematically in parallel tracks means CEORA™ is equally efficient whether managing football pitches or any other large green space. You can also define work areas and set a schedule where various times and different grass heights between 20mm and 70mm are specified. Schedule one pitch for a morning cut, and another for an afternoon cut at a different cutting height. Frequent systematic high-precision mowing offers the perfect result when only cutting a small amount each time.

The modern sports facility is the ideal arena for CEORA to show off its versatile skills. Put to work on an area around 25,000m² per day, it can manage several football pitches in a cost-efficient and professional way. Everyday care results in a lush, dense lawn that is perfect for sports and golf, with heavily-used grass areas being cut sensitively. CEORA is easy for all ground staff to operate remotely and maintain while focusing on other tasks to further improve turf quality. The end result is a sustainable win-win for the whole club.

CEORA can cut day and night on larger turf areas, working quietly in defined areas without getting in the way of players. Premium quality is achieved on semi-rough and sports areas, with the use of active wheel brushes that spread grass clippings effectively, creating a smooth result without clumps. To achieve optimum grass length on larger areas, CEORA can be scheduled to cut three times a week on an area of around 50,000m². Also, with future software updates, it is a viable long-term asset to any sports or golf club.

Its huge area capacity and sustainable capabilities mean CEORA represents the ideal investment for facilities and municipalities looking to meet targets on low emissions and quiet noise levels. Furthermore, replacing manual lawnmowing with a robotic solution that can cover large areas up to 75,000m² twice a week presents the opportunity to make major resource savings on labour and equipment costs. Introducing new levels of flexibility and performance are now also possible, with lawn care assisted by virtual boundaries.

CEORA's Targeted Environments

Maintaining vast green spaces can be effortless with the various options available, offering numerous benefits to large land-owners, sports teams, hotel and leisure facilities and local councils.

Our robot mowers are perfect for specific sites such as commercial properties, hotels, and noise-sensitive areas, ensuring flawless coverage and superior trimming quality.
Maintain sports facilities autonomously, with the ability to cut down to 10mm. Robot mowers are perfect for football pitches, golf courses, bowling greens and more.
Parks & Gardens
A robot mower handles large public or private green spaces, mowing day or night. It’s perfect for easy maintenance in low-emission areas, freeing up time and resources.

Advanced Features of CEORA Robot Mower

CEORA brings you cutting-edge features for top-notch lawn care. Its active wheel brushes ensure thorough coverage, while precision razors guarantee a pristine cut. The convenient charging station keeps CEORA powered, and the EPOS reference station enhances navigation for efficient lawn mapping. With these features, CEORA offers a reliable and advanced solution for effortless robotic lawn maintenance.

Active Wheel Brushes
Active Wheel Brushes
One of several practical accessories available for CEORA is a set of active wheel brushes. These work constantly to reduce grass from collecting on the wheels and also contribute to creating optimal turf, without any grass clumps.
CEORA Razor 43M
CEORA Razor 43M
CEORA has a cutting deck that features fifteen high-speed steel blades, mounted on three cutting discs. Easy maintenance and handling are made possible by an ergonomic cutting deck service position. This can be tilted for easy access to exchange cutting discs.
Charging Station CS4
Charging Station CS4
A battery charging station is required to power CEORA. The charging station comes equipped with a transformer.
EPOS Reference Station
EPOS Reference Station
A reference station for use with Husqvarna EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System) is required. This handles signals between the product and the satellite system. The EPOS reference station is compatible with other Husqvarna EPOS robotic mowers.
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CEORA - The System

The new CEORA robotic mower is a modular system where you select the drive unit combination that suits your operations best. An innovative split design features a drive unit and a front unit. The 546 drive unit delivers the highest cutting performance and largest total capacity, around 50,000m² in a two-day period. The 544 drive unit has a cutting capacity of around 40,000m² in a two-day period.

Benefits of CEORA!

Software Updates
CEORA™ stays updated with the latest software via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air), while easy maintenance and handling are made possible by an ergonomic cutting deck service position. The cutting deck can be tilted for easy access to exchange cutting discs, and for easy cleaning.
Covering More Ground for Less
When cutting every day, CEORA™ delivers the best quality turf on areas up to 25,000m². The frequency of cutting lessens as the area gets larger. Going further on larger areas means more cost-efficient mowing operations and a significant sustainable advantage for all kinds of green space professionals.
Freeing Up Man Hours
Cutting systematically in parallel tracks means Husqvarna CEORA™ is equally efficient whether managing football pitches or any other large green space. You can also define work areas and set a schedule where various times and different grass heights between 20mm and 70mm are specified.
Carbon Footprint
Switching to battery-powered, robotic mowers is an easy way for you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
Environmental Leader
Contribute to a more sustainable world and lead the way for other businesses. Become eco friendly through no direct emissions.
Silent Operation
Robotic lawnmower do their job quickly, quietly and efficiently. The noise level is so low you can operate the mower during the night.
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CEORA Covers More Turf than Ever!

We understand the importance of offering versatile solutions for turf care professionals. CEORA is a new robotic solution designed to cover larger areas while maintaining high-quality cutting results.

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