Robot Mower Servicing

We provide full robot mower servicing, repairs and warranty support right from day 1, giving you complete peace of mind. Automower annual servicing includes a clean and polish, full system diagnostics, battery tests, safety function tests, software updates, replacement body seals and new blades so that your mower is ready for the new season!

As a Husqvarna Automower Authorised Dealer, based in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Nationwide, we provide a print-out report of your service and will let you know of any required or advisable repairs. You can either have us collect, store over the winter and return before the spring or drop it into us and we can have it serviced and ready within 7-10 days. Keep your robotic lawnmower in tip-top condition, knowing you are in safe hands.

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Benefits of a Robot Mower Service

At Platts Robotics we offer robot mower servicing all year round and we recommend it to all of our customers. Just like a car, a service helps ensure your robot mower is cutting as it should and increases it’s lifespan. No brainer, right? Contact us today to book your service in with the Platts Robotics team.
Specialised Service
We are an official dealership, and all services are carried out by authorised technicians with special training to ensure the best for your machine.
Genuine Spare Parts
We perform services using genuine spare parts, direct from the manufacturer – the same parts your robot was built with, promising great performance.
Increase Lifetime
We ensure your robot performs optimally and is professionally cleaned, minimising the risk of unexpected downtime and maximises the lifetime use.

What's Included in a Robot Mower Service?

There are a number of computer and manual checks during an automower service. Whether you have a Husqvarna Automower, Ambrogio, Honda, Flymo or Kress, we only use 100% genuine parts, to ensure you get the most from your robotic mower.

Full clean and polish and hoover the inside of the robotic mower machine.
Software Update
Upgrade robotic mower to the latest version of robot mower software.
Safety Check
Manual and auto checks to ensure correct operation and safety of robotic mower.
Electronic Diagnostic Test
Perform checks using manufacturers official diagnostic equipment.
Blade Replacement
Robot mower blades replaced to ensure maximum cutting-performance.
Battery Charging and Test
Including correct storage to maintain lithium battery lifetime of robot mower.

Robotic Mower Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with warranty, ensuring your robotic auto mower investment is covered against manufacturing defects and supported by our dedicated customer service team.

Factory Warranty
Trouble-free performance on your robot mower for up to 2-5 years, covered by your warranty.
Yearly Service
Get full servicing for any warranty extension to be valid and maintain performance.
Extend to 5 Years
According to the model either as an add-on or with annual servicing can +3 years warranty.

Customer Reviews

After a tough working season keeping your lawn looking flawless, we advise bringing your robotic mower in for annual winter service and maintenance. We can even collect and store for you over winter in optimum, dehumidified conditions to prolong the lifetime of your mower.

Platts Robotics have a comprehensive understanding of robot mowers and as a result our mower has been running perfectly in our garden since they installed it!

Mrs Simmonds

A very efficient service and quick turnaround time. Our grass was growing quickly so the speed in which Platts got our mower ready was appreciated, they even collected and returned it for us!

Mr Sharp

I have my mower serviced on an annual basis with Tom, his team look after us year on year and provide exceptional and friendly service. We always recommend them, thank you!

Mrs Phillips
West Sussex

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