Commercial Robot Mowers

The use of professional robot mowers is expanding rapidly, particularly in the commercial sector where there is significant potential to gain efficiency, lower costs and reduce carbon footprint.

These options range from wired to wireless RTK- satellite systems, including the latest technology from Husqvarna – 550 EPOS and CEORA, which can cover up to 18 acres. Kress and Ambrogio both also have boundary-free robot mowers, designed for public grass areas. The machines operate with high precision, working silently and efficiently day or night to ensure the areas are well-maintained with exceptional quality of cut. And now, robot mowers which mow stripes!

Commercial Spaces Enhanced by Robot Lawn Mowers

Maintaining vast green spaces can be effortless with the various options available, offering numerous benefits to large land-owners, sports teams, hotel and leisure facilities and local councils.

Maintenance of commercial green spaces. Very low running costs, with a unrivalled quality of cut. Perfect coverage for areas such as commercial properties, hotels and noise sensitive areas.
Maintain sports grounds autonomously, with the ability to cut down to 10mm. Mowers are designed flawlessly for football pitches, golf courses, bowling greens and many more!
Parks & Gardens
Large private or public green spaces, mowing day or night. Ideal for effortless grounds maintenance, low emission areas and inaccessible and complex sites. Free up time and resources.

Husqvarna Fleet Services

Husqvarna’s fleet services offers many benefits including; GPS security tracking, mower control and cutting settings adjustment from mobile device and view mower status and location.

Commercial Benefits of Robot Mowers!

Professional Quality
Our range of professional Automowers guarantees exceptional quality in any weather conditions, ensuring expectations are met every time.
Give Every Lawn a Carpet-like Look
Through frequent and precise cutting, it produces a superior lawn quality that traditional blades cannot achieve. While simultaneously replenishing the soil with essential nutrients.
Freeing Up Man Hours
By freeing up personnel from time-consuming grass cutting, they can focus on more skilled and profitable tasks, resulting in increased efficiency and lower costs.
Remote Management
Wherever you are you can manage and monitor your robotic lawnmowers from anywhere in the world with Husqvarna Fleet Services and other smartphone apps.
Carbon Footprint
Switching to battery-powered, robotic mowers is a simple way for you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Become eco friendly through no direct emissions.
Environmental Leader
Contribute to a more sustainable world and lead the way for other businesses. When it comes to being environmentally friendly and reaching net zero, robot mowers are a quick and easy win.
Silent Operation
The noise level is so low you can operate the mower during the night. Robot lawnmowers do their job quickly, quietly and efficiently without disturbing the peace of those around.
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Turf Stripes with Robotic Lawn Mowers!

If you are a commercial space, especially a sports facility, we know the importance of stripes in the look of your grass. Our robotic mowers can mow stripes into your grass, get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you achieve this.

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