Benefits of Robot Mowers

In a world where technology continues to revolutionise every aspect of our lives, why should lawn care be left behind? Say hello to the future of maintaining lush green lawns effortlessly – Robotic Mowing. Embrace the cutting-edge innovation that is transforming the way we approach lawn maintenance. Below, discover the many benefits that come with incorporating automated and robotic lawnmowing into your outdoor routine.

Handles Narrow Spaces
If your garden is complex, robot mowers can be to be programmed to cut around shaped borders, trees and ponds. It can mow narrow grass passages as small as 60cm width as well as slopes.
Recharges Automatically
Robot mowers find their way back to the charging station automatically. Charging times can be anything from 40 minutes to an hour before resuming mowing – all without any effort on your part.
Silent Mowing
Low noise means it is quiet enough to operate at night while you sleep. As it moves around your garden doing its job quickly, quietly and efficiently you can wake up to a freshly cut lawn!
Pet Friendly
Most robot lawnmowers come equipped with advanced sensors to effortlessly navigate around obstacles, making them safe around children and pets, such as cats and dogs.
Universal Fit
Our range of robot mowers are specially designed to handle both domestic lawns and commercial green spaces up to a whopping 18 acres and slopes of up to 36 degrees!
Security Features
Mowers have security features such as theft alarms, GPS trackers, and PIN codes for added protection. You can also see where your mower is at all times using the smartphone app.
App Connectivity
There are some robot mowers that do stripes. EPOS offers an aesthetic allure by delivering freshly mown stripes on your lawn every day, autonomously achieved through a robot mower!
Works in the rain
Robot mowers give you great cutting results in rain or any type of weather. Because of its lightweight design it leaves no muddy tracks and there’s no box to get clogged up.
No Grass Clippings
Because robotic mowers cut just a little grass on a continuous basis, the clippings are small enough to be recycled back into the soil as a natural, organic fertiliser. This improves the quality of your lawn.
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Why Buy a Robot Mower?

If you are looking for a well-maintained and professional-looking lawn but lack the time to mow it weekly, then a robotic mower is the perfect solution for you. It can cut your lawn to your desired specifications on your schedule, eliminating the need for manual labour. They even do stripes!

Which Robotic Lawn Mower is Best to Buy?

There are many robotic mowers to available so which one to pick? That’s where we come in. After spending some time with you to understand your garden and requirements we will recommend which robotic mower would be most suitable, taking into consideration your budget and involvement level.

Husqvarna Automowers
Husqvarna Automowers
Husqvarna Automowers are packed with features to help you take your garden to the next level. With the largest range of robotic mowers on the market and some of the most advanced, Husqvarna have been market leaders for over 20 years. The 450X is the most notable, with a capacity of up to 5000 m2 and a very powerful battery offering 270 minutes of mowing on just 1 hour of charging. Husqvarna’s ‘Automower Connect’ App is unrivalled in terms of functionality and can be controlled anywhere in the world! Recently the X-series which comprises both app connectivity and GPS-mapping is now available to smaller models, offering all the bells and whistles of the market leading 450X at a fraction of the price. The King of robotic mowers!
Honda Miimo
Honda Miimo
With smartphone compatibility and a maximum mowing area of 4000 m², the Miimo is a rival to Husqvarna in terms of ability and quality of finish. The latest model – the Miimo 3000 offers both perimeter cutting and is even resistant to a hosepipe, making cleaning extremely easy indeed! Its sleek contemporary design makes it very popular amongst our younger customers, who also happen to own Honda cars funnily enough! The Miimo 3000 also features Honda’s unique smooth turn technology, so it can turn away from the boundary wires without stopping, for optimal cutting efficiency. It’s a leader in intelligent sensors, able to react quickly to avoid holes or uneven ground, maximising uptime and making one of the most reliable robotic mowers around!
Kress Robotik
Kress Robotik
Kress offers cutting edge technology, continually optimising its route during mowing. It easily negotiates even tight spots without wasting time. The patented ultrasonic sensor system prevents collisions, e.g. with trees and bushes on the lawn. The Mission models also detect new obstacles at an early stage and bypass them. On downhill slopes, the kinetic energy generated is converted into electricity that extends the battery runtime. The Kress Mega KR136E features the multi-mower function as a standard. Several robotic mowers operate within a single boundary wire, so you can easily mow a football field using two KR136E within the one area.
Ambrogio Robots
Ambrogio Robots
The Ambrogio Robotic mower range comprises 14 different models, one to suit every type of lawn size and terrain. The range starts with the L60 Deluxe, designed for small gardens and requires no boundary wire, moving up to the L250i Elite for mid-sized lawns. At the top end the L400i Deluxe can cover up to an incredible 20,000 sqm and suits both residential and commercial application where grass cutting large areas is required. Ambrogio have over 20 years experience of designing and building robots and the Ambrogio machines are the ideal robotic lawn mowers for those looking for technological innovation, excellence, combined with respect for the environment.

Why Buy from Platts Robotics?

Our robot lawnmower experts can advise on the best robotic mowers for different garden sizes and complexities, and our installations are carried out to the highest standards. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your robot mower.

With over 1000 robotic lawnmower installations under our belt, we are well positioned to help you. Using our services will provide you with a hassle-free and efficient way of maintaining your lawns, backed up with superior knowledge and experience.

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App Connectivity to Your Phone

Link your robotic lawn mower to your smart phone or tablet and control from anywhere in the world! You can relax and enjoy your time at home, in the office, or away on holiday, knowing that your lawn will always be immaculately maintained.

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Why Robotic Mowing Is So Easy!

The many different models in our range cover everything from smaller gardens to larger residential and commercial grass areas. We cover complex lawns with remote areas and narrow spaces by selecting the most suitable robot lawnmower and correctly configuring it.

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