Boundary Wire-Free

Robot Mowers Without Boundary Wire

The latest boundary wire free robot mowers operate using the RTK satellite network. Technology such as the Husqvarna EPOS transforms lawn maintenance, offering a seamless and adaptable solution and a choice of mowing patterns including stripes, checkerboard or triangular effects.

EPOS technology is a revolutionary development in professional robotic lawn mowing. This advanced, satellite-guided system is the heart of the new generation of robot mowers such as Husqvarna Automower, designed to navigate with precision within virtual boundaries.

The elimination of physical boundary wires enhances the versatility of your lawn care routine. Enjoy uninterrupted lawn aeration, scarification, and turf repair without the hassles of wire-related obstructions. Experience the future of lawn maintenance using EPOS technology.

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What are EPOS Robot Mowers?

EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System) is a groundbreaking advancement for a new series of robotic lawn mowers that operate without boundary wires. The satellite-based technology enables the mowers to navigate within virtual boundaries. This makes it an easy and flexible solution. Also perfect for creating beautifully striped lawns effortlessly.

EPOS Robot Mower Installation Process

The installation of your robot lawn mower can take anywhere between 2-5 hours and for larger gardens it can take a whole day. To install any boundary wire free robotic lawn mowers, we start by putting up the reference station in a suitable area of your garden. Often on an outbuilding, your house or on a detached pole in the ground.

Once the robot grass mower has connected to the satellite network we drive it around the garden perimeter, the around any exclusion zones such as trees ponds and garden objects. We can also temporarily exclude any seasonal areas such as daffodils with the flexibility for you to turn on and off as you wish. Transport paths are created to join the lawns if there are more than one.

At the end, extensive testing is conducted to ensure the success of the installation. We continue to monitor all mowers remotely and always offer to return at no extra charge to make any adjustments needed to get the most out of your new automated lawn mower.

1. Lawn assessment
1. Lawn assessment
Prior to installation, one of our robot lawnmower specialists will assess the suitability of your garden and recommend the best robot mower brand and model for your lawn.
2. EPOS Reference Station Installation
2. EPOS Reference Station Installation
The positioning of the EPOS reference station is crucial to a successful installation and the robot mowers ability to utilise the RTK satellite network.
3. Setup and Installation
3. Setup and Installation
Once the reference station and robot mower have successfully connected to the RTK satellites, we will carefully install your automower to get the most out of your machine.

Virtual Boundaries

Enjoy easy wire-free robot mower installation, where no boundary wires are needed. With the addition of the Husqvarna EPOS Plug-in accessory and the Husqvarna EPOS Reference station, you can achieve a strong and accurate virtual setup. This system offers precise and adaptable area management, allowing you to specify various sections of your lawn for different treatments and timetables, or to establish temporary no-go zones for things like protecting daffodils in early months!
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Get Perfect Stripes: Robot Mowers Do the Job!

EPOS robotic lawn mowers offer the flexibility of random and patterned mowing, enabling you to select from diverse patterns like parallel stripes and checkerboard for a uniformly maintained lawn. Control all these features conveniently through the Automower Connect app on your smartphone!

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Wire Free Mowing Benefits

Creates automatic stripes in your lawn
Boundary wire-free
No more cable breaks!
Flexible solution and future proof
Adjustable cutting height and pattern

Introducing Husqvarna NERA

Equipped with next-generation intelligence, the Automower NERA range gives you the perfect lawn. With precision guidance, these automatic lawn mowers easily tackle rough terrain, tight corners and slopes on large, medium-sized and complex lawns. The latest additions to the range also offer a timesaving EdgeCut feature, minimising the need to trim lawn edges.

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Introducing a new era of robotic lawn mowers without perimeter wire. Explore our range of EPOS with RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) positioning, a satellite navigation technique that provides centimetre-level accuracy in seconds. Available for all lawn sizes.

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