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Take a look at the STIGA A 3000, designed for medium to large sized lawns. STIGA autonomous robot mowers are completely cable-free, eliminating the need for a boundary wire during installation. The process is virtual and allows for easy adjustment of the perimeter at any time. Equipped with patented AGS technology, these robots can smartly plan their mowing sessions. Keep track of your robot’s progress and settings conveniently through the STIGA.GO app.

  • For lawn sizes up to 3000㎡.
  • Max cutting time per cycle 2 hrs 30 mins
  • Efficient mowing with STIGA AGS technolgy that plans session ahead
  • 4G connection and STIGA Cloud for constant communication
  • Cable-free. Installation is virtual and simply done via the App
  • Organised mowing by systematic cutting patterns
  • Full control via STIGA.GO App
  • Free connectivity for the lifetime of your robot. No extra costs needed.
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The STIGA A 3000 autonomous robotic lawn mower is designed to provide precision cutting and efficient mowing for lawns up to 3000 sqm. With its patented AGS technology, the mower can anticipate signal strength and plan mowing paths in advance to ensure uninterrupted mowing. The STIGA ePower battery allows for reliable mowing with two cutting sessions per day, preserving the health of your lawn.

The robotic mower features six razor sharp blades that rotate at high speeds for precision cutting. The blades are designed to pivot and rotate out of harm’s way if they encounter a solid object, and are made from a durable metal compound to retain sharpness. In the event of blade damage, they are easy to replace with the simple assembly of the cutting deck.

By using systematic cutting patterns, the STIGA autonomous robot lawn mower ensures that each section of the lawn is cut evenly and efficiently. This not only promotes the health of the grass by preventing over-mowing, but also helps to achieve a consistent and aesthetically pleasing look for the lawn. The multiple direction change programmes prevent the robot mower from following the same path every time, further reducing the risk of over-mowing and ensuring that the entire lawn is evenly cut.

With the ability to work in multiple mowing zones, the STIGA autonomous robot mower can easily adapt to different areas of the lawn that may require different cutting patterns or frequencies. This level of customisation allows users to tailor the mowing schedule to suit their specific lawn care needs. Overall, the systematic cutting patterns used by the STIGA autonomous robot lawn mower help to optimise energy usage, promote grass health, and achieve a well-maintained lawn with minimal effort from the user.

With the STIGA.GO App, you can easily set the working perimeter and update cutting areas as needed. The mower can also be programmed with stay-away times and exclusion zones for added convenience. Connectivity is free for the lifetime of the robot, with no extra costs required.

Warranty for the STIGA A 3000 robotic lawn mower is up to 5 years.