Effortless Robot Mower Setup: Our Installation Services

Installation can be done by yourself but we recommend professional robot lawn mower installation to ensure you get the most out of your machine and enjoy many years of trouble-free mowing. Especially on large and complex lawns. Based in Edenbridge, we install robotic mowers across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Nationwide.

We offer both wire installation and EPOS satellite installation which are robot lawnmowers without wires, depending on the specification of robot lawnmower. Installing an EPOS robot lawnmower requires knowledge and experience of RTK-satellites and using a reference station to ensure the robot mower can acquire signal while cutting the lawn. So initial setup, programming, and positioning of the charging station and reference station is crucial. We offer wireless robot mower installation for a wide range of automatic mowers from the Husqvarna Automower 320, 430X and 450X NERA’s, which are predominantly used for private lawns and gardens. To the Kress RTK, Ambrogio and Husqvarna 550 EPOS Automower, used mostly for very large gardens or commercial green spaces, which can cover areas of 10,000sqm+.

Robot Mower Installation Process

The installation of your robot mower can take anywhere between 2-5 hours and for larger gardens it can take up to a day or more. Perimeter cables can be installed above ground, but look at lot better hidden and buried under the ground. So if you would like ‘invisible’ cables in your garden we provide professional robot mower wired-installation, using our specialist cable laying machine.

1. Lawn assessment
1. Lawn assessment
Let us understand your needs and identify the right robotic lawn mower for your garden.
2. Robot Installation
2. Robot Installation
With years of experience, we offer specialist robot mower installation for that extra peace of mind.
3. Service and Aftersales
3. Service and Aftersales
Full aftercare support to ensure you get the best from your robotic lawn mower each year.

Benefits of Installing a Robotic Mower

Install once and install correctly and your robotic mower will operate effectively for many years to come! There are so may benefits of a professional robot installation, check some of them out below.

Achieve the Best Layout
Get the most from your machine according to your garden layout for more efficient cutting.
'Inivisible Wires'
Our robot mower installation buries wires underground using a cable laying machine.
Correct Setup
Correct programming and installation of your mower is crucial – Start the right way.
Knowledge and Experience
Technology is great but can sometimes provide frustrating. Let us take the stress away.
Monitoring Your Robot Mower
We carry out on-site tests and remotely monitor progress, errors and notifications.
Reduce Potential Cable Breaks
We use the best wire buried underground to minimise breaks from gardening or animals.
Save Time
We’ll handle everything for you, sit back and relax. Save time pegging or digging in cables by hand.
Best Wire Positioning
Get more from your robot mower. Less uncut grass and less stoppages.
Call-out Support
Telephone and call-out support 7 days a week. A robot mower should be a supported machine.

Is Your Garden Ready for a Robot Mower?

Our robot lawnmowers are designed to handle both domestic lawns and commercial green spaces. A wired robot mower installation can typically cover up to 5000sqm, which is 1.25 acres, depending on the layout and complexity of your lawn. This is usually ample to cover the area of most gardens however we can install two or more machines side by side. For larger lawns than this and commercial areas of grass, RTK-satellite mowers using EPOS technology can quite easily handle lawns and even fields between 10,000-50,000 m². A whopping 18 acres!

Even if your garden is complex, a robotic mower can be programmed to navigate around shaped borders, trees, and ponds. It can handle narrow passages as small as 60 cm width and sloping banks too. If your garden has moss, the regular cutting of a robot lawnmower can have a positive impact on grass growth and gradually reduce the amount of moss on the lawn. Whether you are at home, in the office, or away on holiday, your lawn will always be well-maintained.

There really is a robot mower suitable for every type of lawn or garden, the big question is “which is the most suitable robot mower for my garden?” This is where we can help, starting with an initial garden survey to help you select a suitable model for your lawn, right through to purchase and installation.

Customer Reviews

Hear our existing customer reviews about our robot lawnmowers and professional robot mower installation. You’ll hear exactly why we’re the best!

We had a fantastic experience with Platts Robotics from start to finish. Expert advice from Tom and Dudley. Dudley did a great job installing the mower in less than ideal weather conditions! All working perfectly. Great communication throughout and competitive pricing. Highly recommended.

Mr Geleit

I highly recommend Platts Robotics for their exceptional skills. Their team were efficient and very knowledgeable. Overall they provided excellent customer service. Say goodbye to manual lawn mowing and try Platts Robotics! I couldn’t recommend anyone better. Thanks for the installation guys!

Mr Steanson

Thank you to the team at Platts Robotics! I’ve had my robot lawnmower for over 3 years now. They took the time to understand my lawn and its unique challenges, and provided a full plan and estimate. The installation process was very efficient, completed in a day and they walked me through all the features.

Mrs Miller

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