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Level up your lawn care effortlessly with the high-precision STIGA A 7500 autonomous robotic lawnmower. As a standout model in our autonomous range, this mower is engineered to deliver unparalleled lawn care for large lawns up to 7500sqm without the interruptions common to other robotic mowers. The innovative STIGA patented Active Guidance System (AGS) utilises GPS data to adjust its mowing pattern based on signal strength variations throughout the day. Thanks to its advanced 4G connectivity, the STIGA A 7500 communicates continuously with its base station, ensuring optimal navigation and coverage.

  • Enjoy a cable-free setup with the easy, virtual installation through the STIGA.GO App.
  • The STIGA Active Guidance System predicts GPS signal availability for efficient mowing.
  • Stay connected at all times with a robust 4G connection and the STIGA Cloud.
  • Achieve mowing efficiency through systematic cutting patterns.
  • Capable of maintaining lawns up to 7500 sqm with just three mowing cycles per day.
  • Benefit from free connectivity for the duration of your robot’s life, with no additional costs.
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The STIGA A 7500 excels in adaptability and precision. Set up is streamlined through a virtual boundary via the STIGA.GO app, allowing easy adjustments to garden layouts directly from your smartphone. STIGA’s ePower technology, combined with RTK AGS, provides pinpoint accuracy in navigation, planning efficient mowing routes that resume exactly where they left off, ensuring complete and methodical lawn care.

We recommend limiting mowing to three times daily to maintain lawn health, though schedules can be customised to fit your needs. Each component of the STIGA A 7500 is meticulously designed for performance and durability. Equipped with six high-speed rotating razor blades crafted from a special forged metal compound, the mower delivers a superior cut every time. The blades are designed to retract safely upon contact with solid objects, reducing wear and tear, and are easily replaceable if damaged.

Enhance your mowing experience with adjustable settings in the app for various cutting heights and up to 10 distinct zones, including customizable stay-away times and exclusion zones. The grass care cutting path feature automatically varies mowing patterns, promoting healthier, more robust growth. Integrate the mower with your voice assistant for effortless, hands-free operation.

Enjoy lifetime free connectivity with no additional costs, ensuring your STIGA A 7500 remains at the forefront of lawn care technology. Experience the future of lawn maintenance today and take your garden’s appearance to the next level with minimal effort.