Husqvarna launches Robot Lawnmower EdgeCut technology

Husqvarna launches Robot Lawnmower EdgeCut technology

Husqvarna, the market leader in robotic lawn care, has introduced two new models of Husqvarna Automower specifically crafted for medium-sized lawns. The latest additions to the lineup, Automower 410XE NERA and Automower 310E NERA, seamlessly integrate with Husqvarna’s EPOS1 satellite navigation system and feature the innovative EdgeCut technology, ensuring perfectly trimmed lawn edges. Finally a robot lawnmower that trims the edges!

With Husqvarna’s latests EdgeCut technology, these two new automated robot mowers utilise an additional smaller cutting disc at the rear of the robot which lowers as it reaches the grass edge, trimming it so try don’t have to! Additionally, the 410XE NERA features radar technology, enabling it to navigate around objects on the lawn and prevent interruptions caused by toys or other items left behind.

Last year, Husqvarna revolutionised robotic lawn care with the NERA series, eliminating the need for physical boundary wires in residential gardens. Now, the range is expanding with two models designed for lawns up to 1000 square meters. Leveraging Husqvarna’s dependable EPOS satellite navigation system, the Husqvarna Automower 410XE NERA and 310E NERA provide precision of 2-3 cm. Users can easily set virtual boundaries in their gardens using the Automower Connect app, which also allows for customisation of work areas, avoidance zones, and electronic height adjustments.

Both the Husqvarna Automower 410XE NERA and 310E NERA are available for purchase.


Husqvarna Automower 410XE NERA robot mower

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