Robot Mowers Can Mow Stripes!

Robot Mowers Can Mow Stripes!

EPOS technology in the robot lawnmower world has been around now for several years and it’s transforming the way we approach lawn maintenance. Not only because of the adaptability that EPOS provides, but also the aesthetic appeal that intricate mowing patterns like stripes and checkerboards can create. So now you can have freshly mown stripes on your lawn everyday and autonomously using a robot mower!

Understanding EPOS Technology in Robotic Lawn Mowers

EPOS technology represents a significant leap forward in robotic lawn care. This system allows the lawnmower to determine its exact position within a 1–2 centimetre accuracy, using a network of satellites and a reference station.

With EPOS, robot lawnmowers are not confined to mowing in random patterns using perimeter wires. They can navigate complex layouts and garden features with ease. But the real game-changer is their ability to create decorative mowing patterns, a task that, until recently, was reserved for proud homeowners or gardeners that dedicate every weekend to mowing fresh stripes. It’s the proud and British way!

Husqvarna automower stripes
This Husqvarna 550 EPOS mowing in straight lines to created a stripes lawn

How Robot Mowers Create Stripes and Checkerboard Lawn Patterns

Traditionally, creating stripes or checkerboard patterns on a lawn required a roller attached to the back of a manual mower. The roller bends the grass blades in different directions, reflecting light differently and giving that classic, striped golf course look. With EPOS-equipped robot mowers, the process is slightly different due to the weight difference of the mowers but achieving this look is becoming more accessible and less labour-intensive as a robot can stripe on a daily basis. Meaning the stripes on your lawn will never fade!

Automatic mower doing lawn stripes
A great lawn with stripes mowed using a robotic mower

Which Robot Mowers Create Stripes?

There are a number of different robot mowers that can do stripes. From the Husqvarna 450x Nera to the Stiga A 1500. All EPOS models come with different features and settings designed for a variety of lawns. While robotic striped lawns are certainly the best way of cutting your grass, it is still important that the suitability is assessed. So contact an Automower Specialist to survey, recommend and install correctly for you.

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