Are Dogs Safe Near Robot Mowers?

Are Dogs Safe Near Robot Mowers?

Robotic mowers are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, providing a low-maintenance, energy-efficient solution for lawn care. One of the many benefits of robotic mowers is that they are safe for children and pets.

Unlike traditional lawn care equipment that runs on petrol or diesel, robotic mowers run on battery power, making them an environmentally friendly choice. With no fuel use, there are no harmful emissions or spills to worry about, reducing the risk of lawn contamination and creating a safe environment for your children and pets to play in.

Robotic mowers also have built-in safety features to protect your family. For example, they are equipped with an alarm to warn children away and turn off the blades instantly if the mower is picked up. Additionally, the blades stop immediately if the mower encounters an obstacle, including a pet or child, ensuring that they are not harmed. A number of other sensors are there too such as ultrasonic sensors which slow the mower down if an object is detected within 3 metres, collision sensors which change the direction of the mower and tilt sensors.

Blades are small and whilst any cutting device can be dangerous, the blades fold in if they hit anything that isn’t grass, minimising the impact of serious damage.

Using a robotic mower also reduces the risk of contamination from harmful additives such as pesticides and disease spores that may be carried on traditional lawn care equipment from one lawn to another. This is particularly important for pets, as certain diseases, such as parvovirus, can be extremely dangerous for them. By using a robotic mower that works solely on your yard, you can avoid the risk of contamination and keep your pets safe and healthy.

In addition to being safe for your family, robotic mowers are also environmentally friendly. They reduce your carbon footprint and help to decrease waterway contamination, making them a smart choice for anyone who cares about the environment.

Some dogs may be intimidated or intrigued by the robot mower, especially if they have never encountered one before. If your dog seems nervous or agitated around the mower, it’s best to keep them at a safe distance until they become more comfortable with it. It doesn’t take long until they become friends, usually a couple of hours and your robot mower is considered part of the family!

In conclusion, robotic mowers are a safe and eco-friendly option for homeowners who want to keep their lawn looking great without sacrificing the safety of their children and pets.

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