Are Robotic Lawnmowers Suitable for Large Public Spaces?

Are Robotic Lawnmowers Suitable for Large Public Spaces?

The demand for robotic mowers has increased significantly in recent years, leading to a wider range of products and models on the market.The latest models to enter the market are the Husqvarna 550 EPOS and CEORA, both of which use RTK satellite technology. In addition, the 520, 550, and 535 Automowers have been specially developed for professional use in open public spaces. Ambrogio and Kress also have their own RTK-satellite robot mowers, both of which offer wire-free solutions.

While some may believe that robotic lawn mowers are only suitable for gardens or small lawns, the growth in demand has allowed for engineers to design mowers that can handle large areas of parkland or public green spaces. These low-noise, emission-free, hands-free, automatic robotic mowers are becoming increasingly popular in universities, schools, estates, council-owned land, and sports facilities, providing commercial benefits.

The flexibility of a robotic lawn mower is probably the most appealing feature. Compared to traditional lawnmowers, the robotic equivalent is smaller, quieter, and autonomous. They are so quiet that they can run throughout the night without disturbing nearby residents or the public during the day.


Husqvarna automower mowing in a parkIn addition to being practical, they are also incredibly environmentally friendly. Research has shown that using a traditional petrol lawnmower for only one hour can produce as much pollution as driving a car for four hours. The robotic lawnmower, on the other hand, significantly reduces your horticultural carbon footprint, is energy efficient, and does not emit any emissions.

The GPS system, automatic passage sensors, and weather timer means the robot lawnmowers can manage even the most intricate areas of lawn with ease without leaving any visible tracks. These well-constructed robot mowers are designed to handle steep slopes, banks, and verges without any issues, leaving no moss or clippings to rake or dispose of afterwards. The Automower 535 AWD is an example of this and can mow grassy banks up to 35 degrees.

There are further automatic mowers available in the professional mower range, such as the new Husqvarna 520 and 550 models. These are designed with high-quality, brushless motors, stainless bearings, and rubber sealing to ensure long-lasting functionality in tough outdoor conditions. Their rubber bumper increases durability, while a more robust user interface reduces the risk of tampering. The reliable boundary wire and the on-board GPS ensure Husqvarna Automower always stays in the working area and covers the entire lawn, even in highly complex areas. And thanks to the unique guide wire concept, it always quickly and automatically finds its way back to the charging station.

Robotic lawnmowers are ideal for sports clubs or pitch owners who need to keep their sports fields, such as football pitches, in pristine condition. During wet weather, tractor and ride-on mowers can cause more harm than good, often leaving tracks when the tyres sink into the ground, reducing the quality of the pitch and increasing the chance of player injury. Thanks to Automower’s low weight, it leaves no visible tracks and can mow in wet conditions without damaging the turf.

Most models are equipped with a theft alarm and GPS tracker. And with the minimalistic interface featuring only a start/stop button, it means if someone were to walk near the mower or press the stop button, it could easily be restarted without any prior knowledge of using the machine.

In terms of financial investment, robotic mowers require no manpower and can run for up to 270 minutes at one time. Professional robotic mowers are all prepared for Fleet Services, which means you can monitor and manage them from anywhere in the world on your smart devices, leaving your lawns and green spaces looking immaculate all year round.

For commercial and professional robot mower installation, please contact us and we will be happy to assist with maintaining your grass areas whilst reducing your overheads.

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