Are Robotic Mowers Expensive?

Are Robotic Mowers Expensive?

Cost is always relative to the amount of work required to mow the lawn, the time it takes, the type of machine required, the frequency of repair, and the importance of having your lawn looking tidy and under control.

Robots will almost always be cheaper than manual labour in the long run as they are a one-time purchase rather than having ongoing costs. And mowing a lawn each week can really stack up over time!

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If you are weighing up the cost of a robot mower versus a ride on mower, the cost at the purchase stage is usually fairly similar and in many cases, much less, depending on the complexity and layout of your garden. For some, who have traditional push petrol-powered or electric mowers, robotic lawn mowers can initially be more expensive, however, this higher upfront cost can be offset by several factors that make them a worthwhile investment. Here are a few reasons why:

Time saving: Probably the biggest cost saving is time. Robotic mowers are designed to operate automatically, freeing up time that would otherwise be spent mowing the lawn. This can be especially valuable for busy homeowners or those who have difficulty mowing their own lawns. Especially when finding a dry weekend in which to mow can often be difficult in the UK. Robot mowers can work anytime, day or night and in the rain! Meaning you can save yourself a lot of time, whilst having a worry-free lawn.

If you pay a gardener to mow the lawns, this is time which could otherwise be spent tending the beds and borders, so freeing up time for other activities is key to having a beautiful looking garden.

Cost savings over time: While robotic mowers can be expensive upfront, they often come with very low ongoing costs. For example, they do not require regular maintenance such as oil changes or blade sharpening, and they are designed to last for many years with minimal wear and tear. This means that over time, the costs associated with a robotic mower can a fraction of those of a traditional mower.

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Lower lawncare costs: Robotic mowers are designed to be precise and efficient, providing a neat and well-manicured lawn. Robot mowers mulch tiny clippings back into the soil which retains approximately 25% of the nutrients, thus giving your lawn free organic fertiliser. This helps green up the grass, without the need to pay lawncare companies who put chemicals on your lawn to improve the appearance.

Lower Energy Costs: Robotic mowers are powered by rechargeable batteries, which can result in much lower energy costs compared to traditional petrol-powered mowers. Most robot mowers use as little as a few pounds per month, with larger mowers using just £5 or £6 a month. The majority of petrol or diesel mowers use this just in a couple of hours so the running costs of a robot mower is substantially cheaper than a petrol mower. For those using battery walk behind mowers, the efficiency of robots is much higher making the running costs less also.

In conclusion, robotic lawn mowers can provide several long-term benefits that make them an extremely worthwhile investment. These benefits include lower costs over time, increased productivity, improved lawn appearance, lower energy costs, and enhanced safety. By considering the full costs and benefits of a robotic mower, homeowners can determine if it is the right investment for their needs.

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