Which Are the Best Husqvarna Automower Blades?

Which Are the Best Husqvarna Automower Blades?

Changing Your Automower Blades
Having sharp blades on your robot mower is one of the most important things you can do when maintaining your robot mower. And changing the blades regularly is key to this. All the cutting performance comes from the blades, so ensuring they are in good working condition is essential to having a healthy lawn. A sharp blade will leave a nice clean cut. While a blunt blade will result in tearing and the grass plant can become susceptible to fungal diseases which can enter through the damaged tissue.

Which Blades Should I Use for My Husqvarna Automower?
The choice of blades for your Automower depends on a number of factors. You should consider the following when deciding which blades to use.

What is your grass type? Is it coarse and thick, long or short?
What lawn size do you have? How many hours a day will your mower be in operation?
Which model do you have? is it a 3 blade deck or 5 blade?
How frequently are you able to replace the blades?
What cutting height do you have your robot mower set at?
Do you use any lawn fertilisers?
What is your budget?

The Blades

husqvarna automower-blades which are best?

There are currently 4 different blades available for Husqvarna Automower. Whilst the Husqvarna Standard blades are the cheapest on the market, with frequent operation they will start to wear faster than the HSS versions and last between 4-6 weeks before needing to be replaced. Potentially costing more in the long run. Suited to small lawns, with only a short operation time each day.

The Endurance blades offer a longer cutting edge, meaning the lifetime can be almost double that of a standard blade. And the Endurance HSS has an even longer lifetime, meaning you only need to change the blades every few months! However, if the grass length is long or particularly thick, such as the tufty rye grass we see in most gardens, then you may get an error ‘cutting system blocked’ and a standard blade may be better suited. Similarly if your cutting height is set very short between 20 and 30mm, then the lower the cut, the closer the deck is to the grass roots which is the densest part of the grass plant. So the Endurance blades are much better suited to lawns which are maintained to a reasonable and healthy length.

Finally, Our favourite is the Enhance HSS blades, suited to the majority of UK lawns. It its hard wearing, stands up well to chemicals which you may put down on your lawn, lasts a long time before requiring replacement and offers good value for money. They can be used for both 3 blade and 5 blade cutting decks.

Things to Look Out For

If you are frequently losing Automower blades from your machine, there could be a few reasons for this.

Always check to make sure there are no solid blunt objects on your lawn. Although the independent swinging blades fold in if they hit any hard object, repeated collisions can result in the blade either breaking or the screw head shearing off.

Each blade comes with a screw. Never reuse a screw and always regularly change the blades and screws as the screws are made from a soft metal. Overused blades can sometimes result in the screwhead popping off, which can be fiddly as the screw will have to be either drilled out or the deck replacing.

If you hear a loud whirring noise, vibrating through the deck, then there is a high probability it is a missing blade. Equally, we often find customers accidentally put two blades under the same screw resulting in a ‘cutting system imbalance’ error. Both have the same noise effect. So check the blades first before considering anything else with the robot mower.

Purchasing Blades
All blades are available for purchase in our shop. We sell blades in packs of 6, 45 and 300 and also break down bulk packs so we can pass the savings on to our customers.

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You and Your Automower
Regardless of which blades for Automower you choose, regular maintenance, including blade inspection and replacement as needed, is crucial to ensure your robot mower continues to deliver efficient and effective cutting performance while keeping your lawn looking its best. If you have any questions about your robot mower, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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